Heritage windows – where new meets old

One of the first decisions you'll have to make when choosing new windows is what type of material you want. The obvious choice might be wood because it looks better than anything else out there (just my humble opinion!). Admittedly though, other materials such as aluminium have their advantages as well. Luckily, our heritage windows [...]

European Oak as a Species

If you’re thinking about having your windows replaced, you might be wondering what European oak actually is and why it’s a good investment. Here are some facts about the species and some reasons why we often recommend oak for windows. What is European Oak?  European oak is a type of hardwood that naturally insulates any [...]

Why purchase Oak windows?

Oak windows have a real character about them. They are found on a great many types of property and are generally referred to as high-end windows due to their cost. But why choose oak windows? European oak, and indeed English oak, are both a very hard, durable type of wood that can last an incredible [...]