One of the first decisions you’ll have to make when choosing new windows is what type of material you want. The obvious choice might be wood because it looks better than anything else out there (just my humble opinion!). Admittedly though, other materials such as aluminium have their advantages as well. Luckily, our heritage windows offer a compromise by giving you the best of both worlds.

Heritage windows are a fusion of new and old. They feature modern aluminium frames that provide a range of benefits. For a start, a top of the range locking system means security is built in. Don’t worry about environmental efficiency either, because we use 24mm double glazing that will keep the heat in and the cold out. Plus, they’ve also been weather tested to the highest possible independent standards. Aluminium generally takes care of itself too, so you can add minimal maintenance to the growing list of benefits (especially when installed by the experts at Stanbrook & Nicholson). In fact, they’re so low maintenance, we will give you a 25 year guarantee on all aluminium finishes at no extra cost.

Combine all this with timber sub-frames and it gets even better. We all know about the aesthetic qualities that wood brings to the table when it comes to windows. Our heritage range comes with a choice of oak or hardwood sub-frames, giving you even more choice. Both the wood and aluminium come in a wide range of colours, and it’s also worth pointing out that the windows can be fitted into existing wood frames or stone surrounds.

One final point. It’s easy to make the mistake of thinking these windows are designed specifically for older houses. In fact, heritage windows are probably even more popular with owners of newer houses than they are with the older generation. Our heritage windows meet all the necessary specifications for new builds, including extensions.

So, if you’re looking for traditional frames with a twist of contemporary efficiency, look no further than heritage windows. By choosing them, you will make your living space look amazing without missing out on all the benefits of aluminium.

Why not find out more about our timber heritage windows and aluminium heritage windows or get in touch today for a chat with one of our friendly staff?