A Tale of Timber…

If you're still not convinced, then here's a tale of why timber is the most suitable choice of material for your windows and doors... Environmentally Friendly...Wood and CO2 are natural partners. Trees absorb CO2 as they grow so the more forests we plant the more CO2 we can absorb. Sustainable...Modern forestry means that the planting and [...]

Stanbrook & Nicholson Short-Listed for ‘Best Timber Company of the Year’ in 2014 National Fenestration Awards

VOTE HERE With over 760 registered users, the National Fenestration Awards are the industry’s fastest growing, independent awards event. Launched in 2013 and now into it’s second year, the National Fenestration Awards aims to become the fairest, all-inclusive fenestration event in the UK, with the principle aim of rewarding the very best companies from across our sector. [...]

Stanbrook & Nicholson vying for ‘Timber Company of the Year’ at the 2014 National Fenestration Awards

The National Fenestration Awards is the industry’s first open platform awards that aims to recognise all areas of the UK fenestration industry.  Founded in 2013, in response to a groundswell of support for an independent and all-inclusive event, the National Fenestration Awards aims to recognise all facets of the UK fenestration industry by inviting everyone [...]

How sustainable is timber?

You can rest assured that timber is an environmentally friendly material. After all, if it wasn't Stanbrook & Nicholson wouldn't be selling it. We specialise in sourcing, constructing and installing bespoke products, regardless of how big or small a project is. We find one of the biggest concens for customers revolves around the environment; how [...]

What makes a great roof lantern?

At Stanbrook & Nicholson we love roof lanterns. That’s why we offer such an extensive range of them, both in aluminium and timber. We can supply roof lanterns in the full range of RAL colours, so they’re perfect whether you’re looking for a replacement or a fresh installation. The great service you’ll receive from Stanbrook [...]

Timber: the environmental choice

Here at Stanbrook & Nicholson, we make no secret of the fact that one of our passions lies in the construction and installation of bespoke timber windows and doors. We love the aesthetic feel of the material and its ability to add a timeless appeal to any style or property, new or old. Its day-to-day [...]

How long can a timber window really last?

You might have noticed that here at Stanbrook & Nicholson we're forever extolling the virtues of timber windows. They look amazing, offer great value for money and provide excellent thermal efficiency for your home, to name but a few. But, besides these positives, there's usually one that stands out above all others - longevity. But, [...]

Top tips for maintaining timber windows

One of the best things about timber windows is their longevity. They can potentially last a lifetime with proper care. This article will outline some of the measures you can take to ensure your timber windows stay in good shape and stand the test of time. One of the biggest enemies of timber is excessive [...]

Why timber trumps PVCu

There's no denying that there has been a boom in the use of PVCu windows in recent times. People often see plastic as a cheap alternative to other materials, such as timber and aluminium. But there are some common misconceptions about plastic windows which we need to clear up. This article will explain what some [...]

Timber or aluminium – why not have both?

Choosing whether to have your windows made out of timber or aluminium can be a tricky one. Generally speaking, people see the two materials as having different benefits. For example, wood is often highly regarded because of its perennial aesthetic appeal, while aluminium is more famed for its ruggedness. But, this is misleading. In truth, [...]