If you’re still not convinced, then here’s a tale of why timber is the most suitable choice of material for your windows and doors…

shutterstock_152518631Environmentally Friendly…Wood and CO2 are natural partners. Trees absorb CO2 as they grow so the more forests we plant the more CO2 we can absorb.

shutterstock_152518631Sustainable…Modern forestry means that the planting and felling of trees is a well-managed cycle that maximises CO2 absorption and at the same time encourages biodiversity.

shutterstock_152518631Efficient and Elegant…The Olympic Velodrome is just one of the spectacular buildings that has taken advantage of the unique properties of wood.

shutterstock_152518631Exciting and Innovative…Today’s architects are creating exciting and successful buildings using the unique properties of wood, taking advantage of the ability to design and build                                                    complex structures off site, ready for fast installation on site.

shutterstock_152518631Versatile…Timber structures are no longer restricted to low rise building, and Murray Grove in Hackney uses engineered timber to be a full nine storeys high.

shutterstock_152518631Increasingly Popular…Timber is being used more and more by household names such as Tesco and Premier Inn to create buildings that are both environmentally sound and fast to erect.

shutterstock_152518631Safe and Secure…Modern methods of construction mean that treated timbers are now able to cope in severe fire situations.

shutterstock_152518631Beneficial to the UK Economy…The UK timber industry provides employment for almost 150,000 people, the vast majority of them in rural locations.