Atlas aluminium roof lantern

Atlas Aluminium Roof Lanterns


Stanbrook & Nicholson are excited to have joined forces with ‘Atlas’, the UK’s leading manufacturer of aluminium roof lanterns.

Whether you’re inside looking up, or outside looking enviously in, an Atlas aluminium roof lantern puts any property in a class of its own.

Using the benefits of slimline technology Atlas have combined good looks, outstanding strength and intelligent detailing, to create one of the finest looking products on the market, which is why we have decided to work exclusively with them to provide our aluminium roof lantern solution.

The reasons as to the popularity of Atlas roof lanterns are plentiful, and we have captured some of these below:

Bespoke projects require bespoke designs…

No two projects are ever the same, and with the three Atlas roof construction options, you can choose the perfect look roof for any property style or scheme.

Most competitors insist on a rod tie bar at eaves beam level. But not Atlas. A choice of hidden, rafter or rod tie supports provides the ultimate luxury and flexibility to create the roof you desire, in either a contemporary or traditional design.

Supreme strength…

Extra strong rafters mean the tie bars can be set higher, guaranteeing excellent headroom and no intrusion into the living area. Even in large buildings the roof structure remains remarkably minimal, creating a sense of clear, free space under the eaves.

Increased roof strength means the design aesthetics and clear sight-lines achievable using the slim Atlas profiles remain unmatched by any other manufacturer, creating a roof that can suit any dwelling.

Environmentally friendly

Aluminium is among the most environmentally friendly metals on the planet. Combine this with innovative energy saving technology and witness your carbon footprint shrink.

With their thermal insulation performance twice as good as the competition, and a U-Value as low as 0.7 W/m2k*, the Atlas roof lantern will allow you to enjoy comfortable, year-round room use, a reduced risk of condensation, and lower heating and air conditioning bills.

*the Atlas roof lantern has a U-Value of 1.2 W/m2k. using double-glazed glass

Value for money

Given the premium quality of these products, you would expect them to cost the Earth. Prepare yourself for a pleasant surprise when you check the price tag.

Furthermore, we can offer Atlas stock roof lanterns* with a 10 day turnaround promise, just contact us directly for more information on the colours and sizes available.

Bespoke Options

The bespoke nature of Stanbrook & Nicholson’s product range emphasises our understanding that each one of our customers is unique.


Stanbrook and Nicholson boast on-site RAL colour facilities, which in layman terms provides us with the capacity to offer a huge range of colours. And, when we say ‘huge’, we mean it – with our approximate offering of colours now around 200. This is perfect for any project and makes fitting replacements as easy as a fresh installation.

To spoil you even further with choice, we also take great pride in our finishes. Each and every one of our aluminium roof lanterns is finished with the very attention to detail we’re famed for. Your options in this area are extensive, with our finishes including matte, satin, silk and – our most recent addition – a highly realistic wood finish.


Our aluminium roof lantern design oozes innovation, so, it is only right that our extensive range of roof lantern accessories equally reflects this. Bask in convenience as electronic vents regulate the temperature in your home.

Or how about integrated blinds to control the light flow? We can even install self-cleaning triple glazing to afford you a supposed paradox: maximum enjoyment, minimum effort. It’s safe to say these accessories suit our aluminium roof lanterns down to the ground.

op3CAD drawings

If required, Stanbrook & Nicholson can provide architects and interior designers with CAD drawings of the finished product. This helpful add-on can aid other experts in their work by providing accurate details about final dimensions.

It’s just another example of our absolute commitment to providing incredible customer service – before, during and after your project.