Stanbrook & Nicholson Partner with Accoya Wood


Stanbrook & Nicholson are an Approved Manufacturer of Accoya Wood

We are proud to be an Approved Manufacturer of Accoya Wood. 
Accoya modified wood is an ultra-high performing and sustainable option for your project. Offering a combination durability, stability and versatility, it is designed to last – making it the perfect choice for now and years to come.

Ultra-high Performance Sustainable wood


Accoya wood is made by Accsys at its plant in Arnhem, in the Netherlands.
Accsys transforms fast-growing, certified sustainable wood into Accoya wood through its proprietary acetylation process. The result is a high performing product with sustainability credentials that exceed those of man-made, intensely resource depleting and heavily carbon-polluting alternatives.

Accoya Products

Wood Windows
Wood Doors

Up to 50 Year Warranty


Accoya high-performance modified wood has been chosen for its exceptional quality in widely varying environmental conditions around the world.

Thorough real-world testing has been conducted over many years on this long life wood which means we can confidently provide industry-leading warranties of up to 50 years.


The Sustainable Choice


Accoya is the truly sustainable choice that helps you make a difference to the challenges facing the world. From source to production and through to end of life, the sustainability of this wood shines through.

Accredited by the FSC® and Cradle to Cradle (C2C) overall Gold certified®, it is the only construction material in the world to achieve C2C Platinum certification® for Material Health. With a low carbon footprint, by choosing Accoya wood you can help combat carbon emissions for a healthier world.

Accoya is a treated wood like no other.  It is non-toxic and with no risk of leaching synthetic compounds or chemicals means it is safe and healthy for people and pets as well as the planet.

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