Stanbrook & Nicholson Guide to How to Clean Aluminium Windows

This blog is all about sharing advice around how to clean aluminium windows and the correct cleaning and maintenance methods recommended to keep new or existing aluminium windows in great condition, or to help you restore ageing powder coated aluminium windows. Aluminium window frames are a low maintenance product and are very durable and known [...]

Stanbrook & Nicholson Explains…What Causes Window Condensation?

Condensation occurs when water vapour becomes trapped on a material. In homes, this is usually visible on your window as foggy patches. Often people make the mistake of assuming that condensation signifies a problem with their window, but this is usually not the case. In fact, condensation on the outside facing window can signal that [...]

Environmentally friendly hardwood?

Hardwood is a word that usually has negative connotations with respect to growth and felling practices of less scrupulous companies in South America.  For a long time, companies like ours were only able to purchase hardwood that was at best 70% FSC.  That basically means that only a portion of the timber was environmentally harvested [...]

Stuck-on Glazing Bar or Applied Bar……But Why?

What are stuck-on glazing bars? This is a question I wish I had been given a pound every time I heard it.  It has a simple answer: I suppose it is simple for me as I have been doing this for years, but for a customer about to part with a lot of money, it [...]

Why purchase Oak windows?

Oak windows have a real character about them. They are found on a great many types of property and are generally referred to as high-end windows due to their cost. But why choose oak windows? European oak, and indeed English oak, are both a very hard, durable type of wood that can last an incredible [...]

What happens to our waste?

Being a company that manufacturers out of timber, we understandably create wood waste. The majority of our waste is made into chippings when the timber is converted through our machines. Our extractors duct the waste away from the machine being used and suck it into large bags that are attached to a dust extraction unit that [...]

Joinery spray finishing and how it has changed

In days gone by Joinery companies in the main supplied their products in bare timber. In the sixties the timber quality of softwood had reduced substantially and builders tended to fit the timber windows as the house was being built and then paint and protect the joinery much later on. This has caused huge problems for timber [...]