In days gone by Joinery companies in the main supplied their products in bare timber. In the sixties the timber quality of softwood had reduced substantially and builders tended to fit the timber windows as the house was being built and then paint and protect the joinery much later on. This has caused huge problems for timber companies in the recent years as the windows fitted in this period didn’t last long at all.

Up step upvc! The answer to everyone in the eighties was to remove their leaky draughty timber windows that were rotten through and be able to fit and forget upvc windows. This went on for years with numerous stunning properties having the timber windows taken out and being replaced by Upvc.

But things are a lot different now but why?

There has been a large shift in how companies like ours do business and subsequently how our products behave after they have been installed. The arrival of companies like Teknos in the market with their high performance micro porous paint systems have bought new technology into our industry.

Windows these days tend to be supplied in a fully finished state with all glazing done in the factory. Builders now tend to build homes first then fit the factory finished windows towards the end of the build. This is how companies like ours can now give paint guarantees of up to 10 years on solid colours.

The micro porous nature of the paint allows the timber to breath, taking on moisture in the winter and releasing it in the summer. Joints are sealed with a flexible joint sealer so that the flexing of the timber has no effect on the finish.

With the paint system being so versatile so any RAL colour can be provided at no extra charge and colours can be matched to suit our clients desires.

Stained finishes are not as durable due to UV, however 5 year guarantees are still considered the norm. The range of stain finishes available is fairly comprehensive.

I hope you find this information helpful,

Stanbrook & Nicholson now offer a trade only joinery spray finishing service in the surrey area.  If you want to get on with making joinery products and want someone else to take care of the quality spray finishing then please contact us for details.

Ben Stanbrook