Oak windows have a real character about them. They are found on a great many types of property and are generally referred to as high-end windows due to their cost.

But why choose oak windows?

European oak, and indeed English oak, are both a very hard, durable type of wood that can last an incredible amount of time. In fact it has very similar properties in strength to steel!

The benefit of choosing oak is that generally products are supplied with just a stain or oil finish. Therefore you are able to see the grain of the timber and the silver rays. Oak really does have a beautiful grain structure, and when in place in a home, it gives a great feel to a property.

The durabiltiy of oak is very high and a well maintaned window will undoubtedly out-see even the youngest of customers.


oak  windows fitted in a green oak frame

Oak windows installed in a green Oak frame

Are there any draw backs?

Over time if left untreated the oak will turn a silvery grey colour as this is a process of break down caused by the UV rays from the sun. There are many people who think this is in fact one of its greatest qualities. When oak windows are fitted in older properties they will weather fairly quickly and therefore blend in to the character of the property.

If you do not want your windows to turn the silvery grey colour then there is a very regular maintanence procedure to follow if the windows are only finished in oil. But this can be greatly reduced if a micro-porous coating is applied. Typically, we offer a 4-year coating guarantee on products finished this way.

Oak has tanins in it which can break down mild steel and therefore if hardware is not fitted with treated screws the oak itself attacks the metal and breaks it down over time. This is why window manufacturers like ourselves use stainless steel screws to secure hardware so they last. You should always check this with your window manufacturing company.

Oak windows at Stanbrook & Nicholson

Stanbrook and Nicholson is set up to produce several standard options for oak windows. The most typical type of oak window sold is a flush casement window with traditional ironmongery options, but we also manufacture stormproof and flush windows with the latest multipoint locks and resistance hinges. In the past we have even sold box sash windows in a naturally finished oak.

Another very popular choice is to have an oak window frame and a thermally breaked black aluminium casement fitted. This really suits a large amount of old and new properties and achieves a very high standard look. The aluminium does have a very slim section size and looks elegant once installed.


oak windows with black aluminium casements

Oak window frames with black aluminium casements fitted


OK, but I have more questions!

If this article didn’t give you all the information you require then you can either leave a comment (we update this blog regularly) or contact our office for further information. We would love to be able to answer any questions you may have regarding oak windows.