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There’s no denying that there has been a boom in the use of PVCu windows in recent times. People often see plastic as a cheap alternative to other materials, such as timber and aluminium. But there are some common misconceptions about plastic windows which we need to clear up. This article will explain what some of these misconceptions are exactly and why you should choose timber over PVCu when it comes to fitting your property with quality windows.

One of the first misconceptions people have about PVCu windows is that they are cheap. Sure, the cost of plastic is relatively low when you initially buy the windows. But, a whole raft of things can easily push long term costs up. For example, the energy efficiency of PVCu pales in comparison to materials like timber. That means higher fuel bills, not to mention a less comfortable home to live in. You can avoid such problems by using timber from the outset.

Another reason timber frames are more economical in the long term is they are less likely to require maintenance. PVCu can withstand the elements fairly well but that’s not to say they don’t break down once in awhile. On average you’re probably looking at either repairs or replacements every decade or so. Contrast this to timber windows which can potentially last a lifetime. There’s simply no comparison. So, when you consider energy efficiency and maintenance, PVCu windows aren’t as cheap as some people like to make out.

On top of timber being cheaper, they also have great aesthetic qualities. They give a property an air of sophistication which simply can not be achieved with PVCu. And, although it’s possible to buy PVCu windows that give the illusion of timber, fakes can be spotted a mile off. Your property will look far more appealing if you use genuine timber windows. Plastic simply can not match the look and feel of quality wooden frames.

So, next time you’re faced with the problem of deciding between PVCu and timber, remember that it’s not really a problem at all. The downfalls of plastic are clear for everyone to see. Avoid them by using timber for your windows instead.

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