Choosing a timber window supplier can be a risky business. The right manufacturer can completely transform your home, achieving a much higher standard of security and energy efficiency, and modernising the locks, hinges and glazing without drastically altering the look of your home. The wrong supplier could cost you thousands.

Here are a few other things you need to look for when choosing a supplier for your oak windows.

Do they make bespoke designs?

Rather than buying standard windows in unsightly uPVC, why not work with a specialist oak window company on a bespoke timber window shape? An experienced window supplier will have a range of standard frames, but they should also be able to manufacture bespoke windows in flush or stormproof timber casings. This allows you to place new, modern windows in awkward spots.

The stormproof window we produce is a modern, popular take on the classic window, giving you supreme protection against the elements without looking out of place, and we can customise it to fit the building too. Experienced oak window manufacturers know how to fit custom windows that have the necessary space to allow the wood to move and breathe.

Will the windows be suitable for a listed building?

Timber windows can look just as modern as uPVC or aluminium frames, but in some situations, you need windows which are suitable for older buildings. A good oak window supplier will be able to duplicate the design of box sash windows, giving your building the same traditional look but updating the energy efficiency and security of your windows.

Replacing sash windows can help to keep drafts out, and in high winds, your windows won’t move or rattle. Modern box sash windows can even be fitted with weights and pulleys for a completely authentic look and feel. If you prefer, update the windows with spiral balances. Quality window makers will be able to make thin glazed sash windows that are almost indistinguishable from the originals.

Will the windows be durable?

Purchasing new windows is a big investment, but the improvement to your property can be dramatic. Of course, you’ll want to make the investment last as long as possible. Well-made timber windows should last a lifetime, so make sure your supplier or carpenter has a track record of providing high quality windows before you put down that deposit. Ask to see examples of previous work, or check picture galleries on their website for examples that you can chase up and verify.

How much time and money will be needed for maintenance?

Choose a supplier who can reassure you about the maintenance period for your new windows. All timber frame windows, including oak windows, need to be maintained, but normally you won’t need to treat the wood for a certain number of years; the exact amount of time will vary depending on the finish you choose, with stained windows needing maintenance sooner than solid colours. Once the time comes to treat your oak windows, you should be able to do this yourself or call the manufacturer for advice.