Here at Stanbrook & Nicholson, we make no secret of the fact that one of our passions lies in the construction and installation of bespoke timber windows and doors. We love the aesthetic feel of the material and its ability to add a timeless appeal to any style or property, new or old. Its day-to-day performance, including its durability and resistance, are also to be admired. But, perhaps what we like most about timber is its environmental friendliness. That’s a big reason why a significant proportion of our products at Stanbrook & Nicholson are constructed using the material.

For a start, it’s an abundant resource. Stanbrook & Nicholson source the material responsibly to ensure that we effectively plant as many trees as we use. That means the environmental impact of using it is immediately reduced because, like other materials such as aluminium, resources are plentiful. Add to this the fact that timber construction can potentially last a life-time and the environment will thank you even further. Wasting precious resources on unnecessary repairs and replacements is a thing of the past. What’s even more impressive is that only minimal maintenance is required to enjoy this particular benefit. Timber’s natural resilience has added benefits too; enhanced security to keep your home safe at all times and resistance to a wide range of weather conditions that could potentially have further consequences for your home if weaker materials are used.

It’s great that the environmental benefits of timber can be felt straight out of the box. But, that’s just the beginning. Your home will be enhanced from the moment you install your products and beyond. They will provide a whole new level of thermal efficiency, lowering your carbon emissions and energy bills, and improving the overall quality of your living environment. Merge the natural thermal efficiency of timber with the cutting-edge technology we have on offer, and heat will be retained more effectively while the cold is kept out. Central heating will no longer be a necessity – a big relief for both the environment and those quarterly bills!

As you probably know by now, timber is a great material. But, aesthetics are only part of the appeal. A long life expectancy, resilience and high levels of thermal efficiency make it a very environmentally friendly choice for your windows and doors. Why not put it to the test today and see how much you could save on your energy bills?

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