Part of the reason we use aluminium here at Stanbrook & Nicholson is due to its natural durability. Using it results in windows and doors that are strong in the face of both intruders and harsh weather conditions. This natural sturdiness also means they require a minimal amount of maintenance. But, as with everything in life, a little tender loving care every now and then never does any harm. The following are some top tips to ensure you get the very best out of your aluminium products.

The first thing to stress is that these tasks need only be carried out once or twice a year. Given the material’s natural resilience, they are really only precautionary measures to ensure your windows and doors stay in absolutely perfect order, both aesthetically and practically.

An obvious thing to be wary of is the buildup of corrosion, dirt or other damaging materials on your products. While this might not pose as much of a threat to aluminium as other materials, it can potentially tarnish its aesthetic. To avoid this, it’s worth wiping down your frames using a damp cloth every six months or so. You can also use a mild detergent but avoid strong solvents or anything abrasive. Note that this practice may be more or less necessary depending on where you live. In general, houses in coastal and urban areas are exposed to more corrosive materials (such as salt, for example) than houses in the countryside. Conversely, houses in the countryside could be subject to harsher weather conditions. Be aware of this when maintaining your windows and doors.

While aesthetic maintenance is important, it’s doubly important to ensure all of your hardware remains in order. The first thing to check is the locking system. Is there any dirt lodged in the locks? Do the keys insert and turn correctly? Locks may need to be wiped down or lubricated (lubricant spray can be purchased from any decent hardware store) if you face either of these problems. Another thing to be wary of is hinges. Open and close your window or door a few times to ensure they don’t stick or creak. Again, some lubrication may be required. Finally, examine any exposed surface of the frame, inside and out, to ensure there is no dirt build up. This includes checking rollers, latches and water drainage holes are not blocked. Remember that these measures are basic and take next to no time to carry out. Obviously, don’t attempt to tackle any serious problems yourself; doing so may void the warranty so be sure to consult an expert.

Suffice to say, we are extremely confident about the integrity of our products. This confidence is backed by the fact that all of Stanbrook & Nicholson’s windows and doors are subject to comprehensive guarantees. So, though you shouldn’t worry about any substantial problems, these tips will ensure your windows stay in perfect condition for many years to come.

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