There are plenty of factors to consider when it comes to buying windows and doors. Without doubt, one of the most important is energy efficiency. By choosing products with this in mind you can help protect the planet and save money to boot. The fact that Stanbrook & Nicholson uses sustainable materials like timber and aluminium proves that we take our environmental obligations seriously. But, that’s not the only thing that goes into making our products green.

If you’ve spent any time browsing our website, you’ll have noticed that the term “low-E glass” comes up time and time again. This is short for “low-emissivity” and refers to glass that is thermally efficient, the benefits of which are simple: a building’s internal warmth is retained more effectively, while external cold is simultaneously kept out. Studies suggest that around a quarter of domestic heat is lost due to inefficient windows. This figure is simply too high; low-E glass is the solution. By installing it, you will save money on energy bills while extending the life of our planet for future generations.

In our expert opinion, the best low-E glass solution currently on the market is Planitherm. That’s why it comes as standard  with all of our double glazing. But, it’s not just us who hold it in high regard. According to independent research, Planitherm will make your windows and doors at least 25% more efficient than your average standard double glazing. That’s a huge improvement. And, considering the current cost of fuel it’s one that none of us can afford to miss out on. But, how does it work exactly?

Planitherm is a glass coating that uses advanced technology to retain heat. When radiating heat hits the coating, it’s reflected back into the room rather than being let out. What’s really special about Planitherm, though, is that it simultaneously allows natural sunlight in, lessening the necessity of expensive central heating even more. With the heat of the sun comes more natural light too, so you can enjoy a bigger, brighter living space. An added bonus to the above is that your windows and doors will be more resistant to problems associated with cold weather, such as condensation and draughts.

If you find yourself retrieving your jaw from the ground every time you open an energy bill, low-E glass could be the answer you’re looking for. By combining it with a frame constructed of sustainable materials, you will save a small fortune as well as our planet.

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