You might have noticed that here at Stanbrook & Nicholson we’re forever extolling the virtues of timber windows. They look amazing, offer great value for money and provide excellent thermal efficiency for your home, to name but a few. But, besides these positives, there’s usually one that stands out above all others – longevity. But, how long can a timber window really last for? Is it truly a lifetime like some people say?

By its very nature, wood is an extremely strong material. It is made up of long chains of tiny sugar molecules called cellulose, making it a natural polymer (a polymer is something that is made up of multiple repeating units). Proof of the strength of wood can be seen in certain trees which can live for several hundred years.

But, even though it’s an exceptionally strong substance, we still need to know how to use it effectively to make strong products. The key lies in the grain. For a start, wood is at its strongest when the grain is continuous and straight, rather than broken and in knots. It is also essential that the grain runs right through the longest part of the wood in order to maximise support. This strength makes wood extremely resistant to even the most extreme weather conditions. Of course, not all wood is made equal though. Some types are tougher than others; this is determined by measuring the density of the wood. Obviously, the denser, the better!

Here at Stanbrook & Nicholson, we only use premium materials, meaning the high density timber we pick out has long grains to maximise support. Our experts also know how to expertly install and finish your frames, enhancing the natural durability of timber. So, combine the natural properties of wood with an expert craftsman and the answer to our initial question becomes clear: while minimal maintenance may be occasionally required, timber windows can potentially last a very long time.

And, when we say ‘very long’, we mean it. Take, for example, the oldest wooden window in Britain. It was discovered back in 2010 and is around 1,000 years old. Now, if that isn’t longevity, I don’t know what is.

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