It’s no surprise that a primary concern for many of our customers is security. Windows and doors act as gateways to our homes and it could end up being very costly if they fail to provide adequate protection. We recently considered a few ways to enhance general frame security. Now let’s look at glass specifically.

One type of high security glass is the laminated variety. This type of glass is strengthened with polyvinyl butyral (or PVB). PVB is basically a resin that can be used to bind molecules tightly together, resulting in an extremely tough pane of glass. The most common place to find laminated glass is a car windshield but it’s also an excellent way of keeping intruders out of your home. In an attempted break-in, the PVB will hold the shards of glass together very effectively, even when the pane has undergone substantial pressure. Added advantages include a relatively simple repairs process (injecting replacement resin will do the trick for minor breakages), as well as the fact that PVB blocks 99% of UV radiation. All these things make laminated glass a very popular solution to any security concern you might have.

One downside to the above is that PVB must be installed during the construction process. But, don’t worry if your glass hasn’t been laminated. Similar to lamination, the application of plastic security film is an effective way of strengthening your windows. The main difference between the two is that the film is applied on top of the panes rather than between them. Consequently, plastic security film is a slightly cheaper alternative to laminated glass. The multiple layers of support are microscopic yet extremely resilient, ensuring that shards of glass remain in one piece after a breakage.

It’s certainly worth knowing your options when it comes to enhancing the security of your windows. But, I think it’s also worth knowing a bit about the tests they put these products through in order to describe them as ‘high security’ – after all, we buy them for added protection. There are several distinct levels of protection a window can offer, ranging from bullet and blast resistant to standard double glazing. Tests that are carried out on glass to award the appropriate level include dropping heavy objects from heights of up to thirty feet. So, you can rest assured that when you come to buy high security glass, it has gone through very stringent tests.

Obviously it’s important to ensure the whole window frame has adequate levels of security. The frame itself must be of high quality and include features like multi-point locking systems. However, the most vulnerable part of any well built window is probably the glass itself. You can reduce any risks greatly by opting for high security glass.

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