A regular part of maintaining all window types is making sure the glass remains clean. But, despite the essential nature of this practice for the health of our windows, we all know it’s not the most exciting of tasks. Many people only do it once in a blue moon, while others simply don’t do it at all. Some might suggest hiring a window cleaner to get around the problem but there’s no need to incur all that extra cost. It’s far more economical to simply install self-cleaning glass from the outset.

It’s understandable if you think the concept of self-cleaning glass is too good to be true. The fact is, though, it’s readily available on the UK market today. Broadly speaking, most self-cleaning glass works in the same way. Glass is coated with a dual action film that reacts differently depending on the weather. When it’s sunny the coating reacts with the light to break down dirt. Then, when it’s raining, the coating reacts with the water. Rather than forming droplets on the glass like normal, the coating causes the water to spread evenly across the glass and wash away the loosened dirt without leaving streaks.

The benefits of this type of technology are pretty exhaustive. The most important one, of course, is that it removes the need for us to clean windows ourselves. Ironically, it also means that our windows will be cleaned more often – especially in Britain where it tends to rain quite a bit!  And, not only will windows be cleaned more often, they will also be cleaned more thoroughly. Many upper level windows can be difficult to reach but when it rains the whole pane of glass will come into contact with liquid. There are also environmental benefits in that recycled water is being used to clean the glass. No more wasting tap water in order to clean your windows because the rain will do it for you. Finally, on top of all that, the technology is completely invisible. Your self-cleaning window panes will look identical to normal glass.

So if you don’t have time to clean your windows or the money to hire a window cleaner, why not give self-cleaning glass a try?