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If you’re thinking about having your windows replaced, you might be wondering what European oak actually is and why it’s a good investment. Here are some facts about the species and some reasons why we often recommend oak for windows.

What is European Oak?

 European oak is a type of hardwood that naturally insulates any property and acts as an ideal companion to modern double and triple glazing. It is versatile, durable and attractive, and it resists rotting and decay extremely well. Unlike UPVC windows, oak blends in to the surroundings and looks much more pleasing, particularly in listed buildings and rural areas where white window surrounds would look out of place. We find that it’s ideal for window frames: it’s strong and easy to work with, and it resists common afflictions like fungi and woodworm incredibly well.

European oak accepts a wide range of different finishes and can come in various different shades and colours.

All of this makes European oak an extremely popular material in British homes; it’s often used to make staircases, doors, cabinets, skirting boards, ceiling beams and other objects which need to be tough and hard-wearing. It’s also very good value for money, and windows made from oak should last a lifetime.

All the oak we use at Stanbrook & Nicholson is sourced from sustainable forests, and we take care to ensure the felling and processing of our wood is completed in an eco-friendly way.

European Oak: Things to remember

 European oak is a fantastic material for windows. It looks wonderful in any setting, and it gives you a solid, secure window frame in a variety of styles and shapes. Although it is relatively low maintenance compared to other materials, you do need to remember to look after it over time.

Our European Oak windows are initially guaranteed to be maintenance-free for five years, but beyond this point, you should ensure any external oak is treated annually with a fresh finish to protect it against the elements. You can do this yourself or employ a tradesmen to do it for you. Of course, our skilled staff would be pleased to return and complete the job for you when the time comes.

Oak will naturally swell and move slightly with the weather, but with the right treatments, this need not be a problem. All of our bespoke windows are designed to incorporate the natural, subtle changes in size and shape without affecting your timber window frames.