I thoroughly enjoy my role as Office Manager as I get involved with our clients from the off.  Whether  by phone or e-mail, it varies, either way it’s the start of the relationship.

One of my favourite moments in the process is the first conversation. This is when I discuss the customer’s requirements, sometimes in detail, and find out why they have decided to change their joinery or start a new project.  Other times it’s just a matter of taking the customers basic requirements. Either way, I then make an appointment for Simon to visit the customer to take measurements and generally chat about the works required.

Should we be fortunate enough to be given the works, I will send the customers some further correspondence and this is when the timber is ordered and the ball really starts to roll.  This is such an important time for our customers as they are spending large amounts of money and need to feel as though they are being offered a service that makes them feel confident with their choices and very happy with the level of service we offer. From here on in either myself or Simon always keep our customer updated with a schedule of works and discuss any issues they may have.

Each job will be completed within a time frame previously discussed with our customer. Post-fitting, we ask our customer to complete a questionnaire and completed works survey, which I am very pleased to say are usually full of praise and positive feedback and any negative comments that we do receive are always acted on.

I love working in the Surrey hills and I love the products we sell,  so if you are interested in our range then please dont hesitate to contact me and we can start our relationship.