Let Stanbrook & Nicholson’s French doors enhance your home

Here at Stanbrook & Nicholson, we make sure that each and every one of our products is practical. Every item needs to have great day-to-day performance, as well as high levels of both security and durability. But it’s also important that they add to the overall aesthetic of your property. We want you to be [...]

How to maintain aluminium products

Part of the reason we use aluminium here at Stanbrook & Nicholson is due to its natural durability. Using it results in windows and doors that are strong in the face of both intruders and harsh weather conditions. This natural sturdiness also means they require a minimal amount of maintenance. But, as with everything in [...]

Is aluminium a sustainable material?

A sizeable chunk of our product range here at Stanbrook & Nicholson revolves around aluminium. We construct and install a wide range of windows and doors using the material. And for good reason, too; it's durable, thermally efficient and offers excellent value for money, to name but a few. Perhaps most importantly, though, it's a [...]

Ensuring the company a customer buys windows from is CE marked

From 1st July all construction products will be required to bear the CE mark. The point of it all is to make product information more accessible to consumers and to make the language used in the industry more uniform. But, how can you tell if a manufacturer or retailer is adhering to the new rules? [...]

What does CE Marking Mean for manufacturers, builders and architects?

The introduction of the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) marks a big shift in how we do business in the construction industry. The changes for manufacturers will be the most drastic because CE marking is basically a regulation of their work. From 1st July they must now apply the CE mark and produce a Declaration of [...]

What does CE Marking Mean for Customers Part 1

Mandatory CE marking is undoubtedly a big change for those of us who work in the construction industry. But, how will it impact our customers? What are the benefits for consumers, and are there any limitations you should be aware of? Let's start with the benefits. CE marking makes it much easier for consumers to [...]

Heritage windows – where new meets old

One of the first decisions you'll have to make when choosing new windows is what type of material you want. The obvious choice might be wood because it looks better than anything else out there (just my humble opinion!). Admittedly though, other materials such as aluminium have their advantages as well. Luckily, our heritage windows [...]

What is happening at Stanbrook & Nicholson?

At the moment we are very busy preparing for the homebuilding and renovating show at Sandown racecourse in Esher Surrey on the 30th June to the 1st of July.  We are taking some of our most popular products including a set of Oak Bi-fold doors a Sliding box sash and an aluminium window housed in [...]

Choosing a timber window supplier

Choosing a timber window supplier can be a risky business. The right manufacturer can completely transform your home, achieving a much higher standard of security and energy efficiency, and modernising the locks, hinges and glazing without drastically altering the look of your home. The wrong supplier could cost you thousands. Here are a few other things [...]

Why Timber Windows?

Environmental concerns, and the desire to avoid unsightly plastic windows, has made timber a highly recommended material for window frames, conservatories and orangeries. Hardwood windows are particularly long-lasting and resistant to decay, and a variety of finishes and varnishes can make even the most modern windows classic and attractive. Wood is more attractive than plastic [...]