Secure windows and doors

With security at the forefront of most peoples’ mind when it comes to choosing a window, Stanbrook & Nicholson supply and install a wide array of hardware to guarantee it. It goes without saying that all of our products are famed for their beautiful aesthetics and environmental friendliness. But, what a lot of people take for granted is the fact that they are incredibly resiliant to boot. In this blog post we will be discussing some of the best hardware that comes with our fantastic windows. And in keeping with our commitment to providing a bespoke solution every time, you can mix and match all of these hardware options and customise them as you see fit.

One of our biggest selling hardware options is our half cylinder locking systems. While they may be one of the simplest security solutions on the market, they are also one of the most effective. When you make something out of solid brass, it’s not getting broken into easily. Convenience is also built in since you can operate this lock from both the inside and out. Using this security option is also a breeze, with a key enabling easy operation. Another popular option for securing your windows is an espagnolette mushroom lock. This fantastic component utilises a multipoint shootbolt system to secure your fixtures. Several hinges slot into multiple slots that surround the frame, meaning intruders will have multiple obstacles before they have any chance of breaking through. Rest assured, multiple locks as well as reinforced steel construction make this scenario extremely unlikely. Yet another popular hardware option is our gear box system. While we think this works best with our flush casement and stormproof windows, they use several fully retractable claws and are carefully constructed with the utmost attention to detail to ensure that intruders are kept at bay.

Suffice to say, the above only represents a tiny portion of the hardware options on offer at Stanbrook & Nicholson. Remember, we aim to provide a 100% bespoke solution everytime. This means you can customise your window and door purchase to include the security hardware that suits you.

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