As you probably know, here at Stanbrook & Nicholson we always aim to utilise the very latest technology in all of our products. The result is windows and doors that not only look great, but also provide amazing day-to-day performance to every single one of our clients. One product that we are currently taking full advantage of across our glazing range is Planitherm, the very latest in energy saving glass technology. But, what exactly do we mean by ‘energy saving glass technology’? This blog post will run you through how this truly innovative product works and why investing in it will save you a small fortune.

What you might not be aware of is the fact that the glazing of old loses an extraordinary amount of heat. That requires increased central heating in those cold winter months, ramping up the pressure on both your wallet and the environment. Planitherm eliminates this problem. This unique glass coating is crammed with the latest technology to keep warmth in your home and keep the cold out. With winter now in full swing, you will really feel the benefits. But, that’s not to say Planitherm will only benefit you in the winter, though. Straight after winter comes spring. The sun starts to appear but the air is still crisp cold. Planitherm fully utilises heat from the sun to help keep your home cosy so you can continue saving your money and the environment. And, added benefits just sweeten the deal. For a start, it includes technology to prevent damaging condensation and provides plenty of options for glazed and tinted glass.

When the brilliant technology mentioned above is coupled with all the other great features we cram into our windows and doors, you really will receive a product to remember. Warm-edge spacer bars make your double glazing’s insulation even more comprehensive, as does pumping each one full of extremely dense argon gas.

In truth, only one thing can make Planitherm any better: when it’s in the hands of Stanbrook & Nicholson.