Of all the cutting-edge technology that goes into our products, one of the most vital is warm edge spacer bars. They are one of the most effective methods on the market for reducing your home’s carbon emissions. And while they do a fantastic job of protecting the environment from harmful carbon emissions, they are so inconspicuous in their work that you wouldn’t even notice they were there. So, in the interests of giving warm edge spacer bars the credit they deserve, this blog post is all about them!

The best place to start is to explain what exactly warm edge spacer bars are and how they work. At first sight, a warm edge spacer bar might look fairly innocuous. It is simply a bar (almost like a wedge) made out of a plastic composite that’s specifically chosen for its insulating properties. But when you realise the effects this little plastic bar has on u-values and carbon emissions, you will be amazed. They do this by blocking cold air entering your home through your window, while blocking warm air from escaping out. This means your home will be more evenly heated. It also means that because heat is being retained more effectively, you won’t have to turn on expensive central heating as much.

Warm edge spacer bars have the additional benefit of eliminating condensation. Because they completely seal the window, gases are unable to penetrate the barrier. This stops water vapour forming between the panes of glass, which will keep your windows clear even in freezing cold weather. And, while aesthetically this is a benefit, it is also a benefit from a maintenance perspective because excessive condensation over a prolonged period of time can lead to problems.

If you thought a small bar of composite plastic could never be of any use to you, think again. Stanbrook & Nicholson utilise the fantastic properties of warm edge spacer bars in every one of our windows so that your window can maintain both its looks and its high level thermal performance.

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