As you’re probably well aware, timber is a vital aspect of our day to day operations. Around half of our products consist of goods that are made of this fantastic material. It’s the material of choice for our master joiners for a number of reasons. For a start it makes aesthetically accomplised windows and doors that would enhance virtually any home. On a construction level, the material is fantastic to work with because it’s so versatile and allows for a wide range of different treatments. We are able to totally unleash our creative abilities and skill when with each timber window and door we craft. And all of that isn’t even to mention the other great properties that timber brings to the table, like high levels of durability and longevity. So the fact that the timber market is performing so strongly over the first few months of 2014 is music to our ears.

While the global market is doing well, we’re personally more interested in how we are doing in Britain. We’re pleased to report that our country’s market is performing as strongly (if not better) than its global counterpart. So, the question we want to raise in this post is how do we keep it that way?

From a construction point of view, Stanbrook & Nicholson (as well as all of our other partners and competitors) need to continue to produce goods of a high standard. This is one of the main reasons why the market is doing so well in the first place. To continue this success and build upon it, we need to raise our game when it comes to making windows and doors. That means creating products that are better across the board. That means improved aesthetics, durability and security. Thankfully, here at Stanbrook & Nicholson we strive to do that with every single product that we make.

Closeup of wooden logs piled up together

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