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FENSA is the most widely recognised ‘Glazing Competent Persons Scheme’, as voted for by UK home-owners, so it is no surprise then that Stanbrook and Nicholson are an approved FENSA company, which now counts for even more to the discerning home-owner, following recent changes to the associated conditions of membership.

FENSA have recently received confirmation from UKAS* that it has met the Conditions of Authorisation required by the Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG) – the rules under which FENSA operates. This means that it has been accepted that a successfully transitioned FENSA Certified installation company will have met all the competency requirements of Transition – including for staff competence.

In layman’s terms, FENSA are renewing its regulatory system for any member organisation, with these new rules meaning that any FENSA registered business will now need to record that its staff also comply with the rules of registration, through maintaining a current register of approved surveyors and installers. This Staff Competency Register will be available on the FENSA website, and shall remain at the disposal of any homeowner wishing for peace of mind that their chosen fenestration company is in fact complying with the laws of the land.

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Up to 31 May 2015 a FENSA registered company is required to employ operatives (installers and surveyors) who are deemed competent, or are adequately supervised by competent colleagues, to ensure that a job complies with Building Regulations and is safely completed. Demonstration of competence during this period could be by the holding of an industry recognised competency card and/or qualification. The FENSA registered business will need to record that its staff comply by maintaining a register of approved surveyors and installers. This Staff Competency Register will be available on the FENSA website.

After 31 May 2015 all relevant installers, surveyors and installer/surveyors will need to prove competency – by holding a recognised card or relevant qualification.

Chris Mayne, FENSA managing director commented: “FENSA, and the other glazing CPSs, operate under 21 Conditions of Authorisation set down by the government (DCLG). FENSA is assessed against these Conditions by UKAS. Condition 9, which all CPSs have to meet, requires us to assess registered businesses on technical competency against national occupational standards under MTC.” Mayne adds: “This means that our registered businesses that have transitioned to Certified Installer will be deemed compliant.”

“To help the industry achieve this FENSA will be launching a Staff Competency Register in the summer (available online to companies that have Transitioned) for companies to record the status of their employees and sub-contractors. Compliance will be assessed by BBA during its usual inspections.”

“However, the competency requirements move forward, post 31 May 2015, to focus on the individual installers and surveyors. All operatives who work for self-certifying installation companies will need to hold a competency card (like the FENSA MTC Card) or relevant qualifications. They will need to demonstrate that this is the case.”
There will be sanctions in place that will apply to companies that do not follow this procedure – and they will include inspections, re-inspections, suspensions and potential cancellation of FENSA registration.

Responsible for raising standards in the glazing industry for over 10 years now, and with 92% of windows and doors covered by FENSA, at Stanbrook & Nicholson we are pleased to see the industry taking the necessary precautions to safeguard home-owners. We hope that through our own adherence to FENSA’s new regulations, we can further assure our clients of the utmost quality which can be expected, of both our products and services.

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