The construction industry has enjoyed a rapid evolution over the past few decades. CNC machinery is one technological advancement that particularly encapsulates the exciting developments we have enjoyed. Suffice to say, Stanbrook & Nicholson aims to take full advantage of as much cutting edge technology as possible because we believe it enhances your experience with us. That’s why we are proud to announce that our factory is fully equipped with CNC machinery. This blog post will aim to give you an idea of what CNC machinery is exactly and how it works. Most importantly, we’ll also be going into a bit more detail about how it will benefit you, the customer.

CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control. It is a method of automating machinery to fabricate materials so that minimal human interaction is required. They do this via pre-programmed instructions that are calculated to produce goods with acute attention to detail in the quickest time possible. CNC’s predecessor (simply called Numerical Control (NC) machinery) was fed with physically punched tape to give the machines their instructions. Nowadays all the commands are coded on a computer and sent to the machinery electronically. As you can imagine, there are countless uses for CNC machinery whether that be milling, grinding or lathes. Future developments involving things like laser technology provide scope for exciting times ahead.

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The above is a basic explanation of how CNC machinery works. But, the most important thing for Stanbrook & Nicholson is customer satisfaction. We invest in this kind of technology because we believe that it will improve the all-round quality and precision of your windows, doors and roof lanterns. CNC machinery allows our master craftsman to scale new heights in their work, with these machines guaranteeing a level of attention to detail which cannot be achieved by hand. And while the level of attention to detail has increased, the lead times that we are working towards have simultaneously decreased. All of that means you will get a higher quality product in less time.

But it’s also important to note that even with this new technology, the immense skill of our master craftsman is still vital for each and every project. Even with the best machinery, you still need people who are passionate about their trade. Thanks to our highly skilled staff, we are able to deliver the most bespoke products on the market. Though our recently purchased CNC machinery is hugely beneficial, it simply can’t replicate the high standard of finish that makes our products so renowned. It’s for this reason that CNC machinery and the staff of Stanbrook & Nicholson are a match made in heaven.

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