The choice between sliding doors and bi-folds can be problematic for many people. Like aluminium or timber, it’s a question that the staff at Stanbrook & Nicholson get asked on a regular basis. While neither are inherently better than the other, the two certainly have their strengths. Ultimately your choice will depend on your particular project. We’ve already got a page detailing some of the things to consider when choosing between the two, which you can read here. In this blog post we’ll be talking about how you should go about assessing your requirements when it comes to choosing between bi-fold and sliding doors. So, what aspects of your project should you be taking note of when you try to decide?

stanbrook bi-fold

The first important factor you should consider is the type of project you’re working on. Does it require a simple, efficient solution or are you looking to enhance your home with a visual centrepiece? Whatever you’re trying to achieve, carefully reflecting on your goals will ensure that you make the correct decision. While you’re thinking about this, also consider who will be using the final product. Is it for gadget lovers who have to have as much of the latest technology as possible? Or are the end-users going to be looking for ease of use? It may be a tough decision but answering these questions will help you make the right one.

Price also plays a part too. At Stanbrook & Nicholson we strive to provide our customers with a wide range of products, enabling you to find the perfect product for your project without blowing the budget. But, equally, we also construct and supply higher end goods for larger projects. Suffice to say the experts at Stanbrook & Nicholson give each and every project the bespoke approach that it deserves.

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