Steel Windows Handles


Stanbrook & Nicholson’s range of Steel Window Handles really fits the bill. A composite of iron and carbon, steel is an alloy that’s ultra-strong and ultra-malleable. Its natural strength also enhances its resilience and durability. This produces handles that demand absolutely minimal maintenance, something that’s further guaranteed by the expert design and installation skills we have on offer at Stanbrook & Nicholson. All of that simply means you will be able to enjoy a Steel Window Handle that delivers both great aesthetics and excellent day-to-day performance.

Unrivalled durability and resilience

Our Steel Window Handles utilise an incredibly tough material than can withstand a range of harsh weather conditions. Even with heavy use you can expect these handles to last you for decades. If you’d like some proof of the material’s strength, it’s easy to find. Take skyscrapers for instance. The construction industry currently utilises approximately half of worldwide steel production, cementing its place as one of the planet’s most trusted materials.

Refined aesthetics

Just because something is strong, it doesn’t mean it can’t be good-looking. We’re well-known for our expert design skills that will enable our Steel Window Handles to complement your purchase perfectly. Though we pride ourselves on originality, our designs are also simple enough to suit virtually any type of window or door, allowing for a versatility that can’t be matched by any of our competitors.

Environmentally friendly

All of the goods that we produce at Stanbrook & Nicholson are created with the environment at the forefront of our minds. Steel is a highly recyclable material; in North America around 69% of the alloy is reused each year. That’s a better rate than plastic, paper and glass combined. Opt for a handle that’s made out of an environmentally friendly material and you’ll be doing the planet a favour.

Capable day-to-day performance

Whatever product you pair our Steel Window Handles with, you’ll be receiving a product that delivers industry leading performance. From high security to money saving thermal performance, Stanbrook & Nicholson’s hardware promises efficiency like no other. Our handles are designed specifically for our products, resulting in a seamless experience for the end user.

More information

Stanbrook & Nicholson will endeavour to provide you with the very best service in all of our dealings. We can provide expert advice, design and installation skills to make your project as straightforwards possible. We pride ourselves on our bespoke approach to each and every project.

We can pair virtually any type of handle with any type of window or door. If you have a particular handle in mind we can even source it for you, regardless of how specific your requirements.

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