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Crittall Window Handles


Crittall Window Handles have been a popular choice for years. Their steel construction makes them very tough, while their unique aesthetic lends them nicely to virtually any style of property. Our bespoke customer care and installation service will ensure you receive the utmost attention to detail throughout the entirety of your project. So, whether your windows are fitted in a period property or a new-build, achieve an additional touch of tradition with Stanbrook & Nicholson’s range of Crittall Window Handles.

An established design

With roots that stretch back to the 19th century, Crittal Window Handles have certainly stood the test of time. One reason for this is their steel construction which ensures durability even with heavy use. Another factor is the expert design skills that have gone into them. Much of the original design is still well loved in the 21st century, so Stanbrook & Nicholson subscribe to an age-old mantra that says if it’s not broken, don’t fix it. But we also realise that certain other design aspects do need to be updated. That’s why we constantly assess all of our products to merge tradition with modernity – that way you only receive the best.

Excellent day-to-day performance

We’ve already mentioned the industry leading durability that you can expect from these handles. The steel construction of a Crittal Window Handle means it will endure virtually any weather condition for years, even with heavy use. Their natural strength contributes to excellent window security, while a solid handle also makes an important contribution to your window’s thermal efficiency. A Crittall Window Handle from Stanbrook & Nicholson combined with the cutting edge technology crammed into our frames makes for a formidable partnership when it comes to reducing your home’s carbon footprint.

Incredible versatility

Stanbrook & Nicholson prides itself on a bespoke service every time. It’s therefore vital that all of our products offer a high degree of versatility. Our Crittall Window Handle range will suit virtually any type of window. And, staying true to our commitment to great customer service, we’re able to source whatever Crittall handle you desire if we don’t have it in stock, no matter how hard to obtain. If you’re not sure which handle would be best we can provide unbiased advice. Our expert installation service is the final piece of the Stanbrook & Nicholson jigsaw.

Environmental friendliness

Steel is one of the most environmentally efficient materials on Earth. It is widely recyclable and is in plentiful supply. Compare this with other materials like PVCu and there is no comparison. By opting for a Crittall Window Handle you will not only be receiving a quality product. You will also be making an investment in the wellbeing of our planet for years to come. Combine this with the on-going thermal efficiency of all of our windows and watch your carbon footprint diminish.

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Stanbrook & Nicholson aims to provide you with the very best products, service and installation every single time. No matter how big or small your project, we can assist you. Our extensive industry knowledge and contacts allow us to source virtually any product at a highly competitive price.

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