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Cockspur Window Handles


Stanbrook & Nicholson’s wide range of Cockspur Window Handles guarantee a straightforward user experience. They truly are the epitome of simplicity, utilising an external locking mechanism rather than complicated internal gadgetry. Though features such as half cylinders can be added, the classic Cockspur Window Handle features a spur that is secured in place by a wedge on the window frame. Though this handle solution may be extremely simple, rest assured Stanbrook & Nicholson’s cockspurs still provide high levels of security and general day-to-day performance.

Simple yet highly effective

The Cockspur Window Handle utilises an extremely simple locking mechanism to secure your windows. While we give you the option of implementing additional security features, the most basic version of these handles lock your windows by combining a spur and wedge. Yet despite this simplicity, they are also extremely effective. Their ability to secure your windows is second to none. They also live up to the same high thermal efficiency standards that we demand from all our other products.

Premium construction

As always with Stanbrook & Nicholson products, premium construction is guaranteed. Everything we do is done with attention to detail at the forefront of our minds. The materials we use are also sourced with flawless performance in mind. This is vital when it comes to Cockspur Window Handles because they rely heavily on the standard of their construction. So much so that any flaw would seriously affect their functionality. Stanbrook & Nicholson are confident that all of our cockspur handles will live up to our customers high expectations.

Minimal maintenance, maximum enjoyment

An added benefit of simplicity is low maintenance. While the rest of our products also boast minimal effort on your part, cockspur handles ramp this up to a whole new level because there are far fewer moving parts. Also, the fact that everything is externalised means problems are easier to detect and fix in the unlikely event of something going wrong. With these handles, Stanbrook & Nicholson bring you a product that you won’t have to worry about when it comes to maintenance.

Traditional aesthetic that offers versatility

Due to the inherent simplicity of our Cockspur Window Handles, it’s only right that their aesthetics match. They ooze a traditional look that would suit virtually any type of window, although we particularly recommend them for those that feature slim sight lines. To enhance our already extensive range, we can also source handles in whatever colour you desire and apply a flawless finish to top your window handle off perfectly.

More information

Stanbrook & Nicholson provide expert advice, design and installation skills to give you a straightforward solution to your problem. We pride ourselves on the long lasting relationships we build with our clients so you can expect a highly personalised service every time. We can source virtually any handle and apply a whole host of finishes to suit your project perfectly.

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