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Art Deco Window Handles


Art deco is a design style that has been highly influential for decades. After its initial break through back in the 1930s, its significance is arguably stronger now than ever before in the construction industry. Many of Stanbrook & Nicholson’s products contain art deco inspired elements. This results in highly distinctive window handles that make use of bold sight lines and vivid colours. Take advantage of Stanbrook & Nicholson’s fantastic range of art deco handles to give your windows the compliment they deserve.

Truly unique design

Not only is this range completely different from any of our others, but each individual handle within it is highly distinctive too. The whole art deco movement revolved around originality and that’s exactly what we bring to the table at Stanbrook & Nicholson. By purchasing a product from our art deco window handle range you will be receiving a totally bespoke product. We are able to supply and install a vast array of options thanks to our extensive industry knowledge. And though you’ll have a huge range to choose from, there’s no need to feel overwhelmed because our friendly advisors are ready to share their expertise with you.

Tradition that belongs in the 21st century

The art deco style is one that stays true to bold designs and a rich colour palate. While the expert designers at Stanbrook & Nicholson are keen to preserve both of these great aspects in our products, we’re also aware that our window handles need to fit into your 21st century lifestyle. It’s for this reason we invest so much time and effort into the very latest technology. That means you’ll receive a window handle truly befitting of the art deco style that’s also guaranteed to offer excellent day-to-day performance.

Reliable construction

Our art deco window handles are subject to the same stringent construction standards as the rest of our products. Each one receives the utmost attention to detail so end users can enjoy their product minus the maintenance headaches. A flawless finish on top of the already premium materials ensure these handles can withstand heavy use over a number of years. It’s also thanks to our expert installation service that you can expect the same great user experience every time, whether it’s been one month or ten years.

Undeniable class

Art deco is an instantly recognisable style. You can see examples of it the world over, from the Chrysler Building in New York to the Underground network in London. The reason for its popularity is clear to see. Stanbrook & Nicholson’s art deco window handles deliver a unqiue aesthetic and undeniable class to virtually any style of window.

More information

Stanbrook & Nicholson can pair virtually any type of handle with any type of window or door. If you have a particular handle in mind we can even source it for you, regardless of how specific your requirements. We also provide expert advice, design and installation skills to make your project 100% stress free. We pride ourselves on our bespoke approach to each and every project.

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