24 06, 2012

What is happening at Stanbrook & Nicholson?

At the moment we are very busy preparing for the homebuilding and renovating show at Sandown racecourse in Esher Surrey on the 30th June to the 1st of July.  We are taking some of our most popular products including a set of Oak Bi-fold doors a Sliding box sash and an aluminium window housed in [...]

15 06, 2012

Stanbrook & Nicholson Explains…What Causes Window Condensation?

Condensation occurs when water vapour becomes trapped on a material. In homes, this is usually visible on your window as foggy patches. Often people make the mistake of assuming that condensation signifies a problem with their window, but this is usually not the case. In fact, condensation on the outside facing window can signal that [...]

21 05, 2012

Choosing a timber window supplier

Choosing a timber window supplier can be a risky business. The right manufacturer can completely transform your home, achieving a much higher standard of security and energy efficiency, and modernising the locks, hinges and glazing without drastically altering the look of your home. The wrong supplier could cost you thousands. Here are a few other things [...]

21 05, 2012

Why Timber Windows?

Environmental concerns, and the desire to avoid unsightly plastic windows, has made timber a highly recommended material for window frames, conservatories and orangeries. Hardwood windows are particularly long-lasting and resistant to decay, and a variety of finishes and varnishes can make even the most modern windows classic and attractive. Wood is more attractive than plastic [...]

21 05, 2012

A Spotlight On…Timber Roof Lanterns

If you have a room with a flat roof, you could remove it and add a conservatory to create a more pleasing space. Alternatively, you could opt to install a roof lantern into the existing roof. Roof lanterns were popular in Victorian times when orangeries became fashionable. The appearance of a roof lantern is similar [...]

19 03, 2012

European Oak as a Species

If you’re thinking about having your windows replaced, you might be wondering what European oak actually is and why it’s a good investment. Here are some facts about the species and some reasons why we often recommend oak for windows. What is European Oak?  European oak is a type of hardwood that naturally insulates any [...]

13 03, 2012

Meet Jacqui our office manager

I thoroughly enjoy my role as Office Manager as I get involved with our clients from the off.  Whether  by phone or e-mail, it varies, either way it’s the start of the relationship. One of my favourite moments in the process is the first conversation. This is when I discuss the customer’s requirements, sometimes in [...]

13 03, 2012

Environmentally friendly hardwood?

Hardwood is a word that usually has negative connotations with respect to growth and felling practices of less scrupulous companies in South America.  For a long time, companies like ours were only able to purchase hardwood that was at best 70% FSC.  That basically means that only a portion of the timber was environmentally harvested [...]

7 03, 2012

Stuck-on Glazing Bar or Applied Bar……But Why?

What are stuck-on glazing bars? This is a question I wish I had been given a pound every time I heard it.  It has a simple answer: I suppose it is simple for me as I have been doing this for years, but for a customer about to part with a lot of money, it [...]

2 03, 2012

Why purchase Oak windows?

Oak windows have a real character about them. They are found on a great many types of property and are generally referred to as high-end windows due to their cost. But why choose oak windows? European oak, and indeed English oak, are both a very hard, durable type of wood that can last an incredible [...]